Day 2 : Iffendic – Blain. 80 km.

Breakfast in super pretty house and back on the road.

Photograph of chairs, fireplace and dining table in dining room of chambres d'hote, L’Etang de L’Aune, Iffendic, Brittany, France.
Hilly, hot and struggling in places. Already the love – hate relationship with the bike begins. The love of being outdoors, on the road moving along under your own steam contrasting with the discomfort, effort and desire to get it over with.

Keith says I have a bizarre cycling style of flat out 30+km/hr on the flat which rapidly decreases to about 6km/hr at the first incling of an incline. I think it’s an ADHD/AS combo where I have to go as fast as possible at all times (efficiency and impatience) and I never seem to tire, but when I have to slow down to go up even the slightest hill, I lose all motivation and interest because I am immediate bored by the tedium of travelling so slowly. My mind and my legs simply give up. Keith as ever is moderate and consistent.

Photograph of Keith cutting a tomato whilst sitting at a picnic table which is spread with ham, cheese and lunch foods.
Lunch by river in Besle-sur-Villaine. Standard ham, cheese and bread affair usually followed by chocolate, which we replicate the world over.

Random picture of a goat. Just because.

Photograph of a goat in a field.
Night in municipal campsite in Blain. These are local authority run and in many towns across France.  Cost us €7,80 for the night. Total spend for today was €34 including tomorrow’s breakfast. Worked out we could live on about £500 a month including accommodation and food. Today this seems like brilliant idea.

Photograph of tent and bicycles in campsite in Blain, France.


Gloriously happy to be outdoors and have nothing to think about apart from where to sleep and what to eat. No headaches, migraines, kidney pain, anxiety: I need to live in a tent in France.

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