Day 3: Blain – St Philbert de Boutaine. 75 km.

We’re tired. We have made a pact not be grumpy. We’re grumpy. He says he’s carrying more weight (he is), I say I’m doing more packing (I am). It’s hot,  we’re moving fast – averaging 20km an hour and by lunchtime we’ve covered 60km and are knackered. I’ve been bitten on my eyelid. I had always though there was some kind of treaty between us and bitey bugs involving eyelids and genitals. Seems this has been broken. Let the revolution begin.

Photograph of the Loire River ferry



Photograph of Keith and his bicycle with the Loire River ferry and some children in the background.
We cross the Loire river by chain ferry which is was lovely (mostly for the rest). Despite appearances, Keith has not turned into the Pied Piper and spawned a following of small children.

Photograph of Sarah standing on River Loire quayside next to two bicycles.


Then we predictably do what every other English person does when travelling through this village:


Photograph of Sarah standing next to sign for village of Brains in France.

And out the other side:

Photograph of Sarah standing next to sign for village of Brains in France which has red line through it to denote the end of the village.
Sportracker (Keith’s new favourite toy) tells us we are burning around 3500 calories during the cycling bit of each day. We’re drinking probably 5+ litres each per day. We’re eating a lot (yippee) and shovelling down every meal.

Photograph of Sarah and Keith sitting on the grass looking red-faced and exhausted after cycling.


Today we made an correct assumption about the ease of finding accommodation in rural France in peak summer. Hotels booked and no campsites nearby. Spent two hours sat in supermarket car park searching on phone for somewhere to stay. We ended up here:

Photograph of exterior of St Philbert de Bouta Hotel, France.


Photograph of a sign saying 'Hotel' on the side of a tatty building.
Our plan was to have tomorrow as a day off but we decided to just stay here on the side of a dual carriageway for the one night and move on. It was clean, had a bed but the one star was frankly generous.

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