Photograph of Sarah Hendrickx sitting on the steps of Casa Torta with Keith Needham's feet in the foreground

Sarah Hendrickx and Keith Needham’s feet

We are just a couple of people searching for an unhurried life.

We’re not very brave and we want to live differently and simply. And cheaply. And not too scarily. We are just making it up and making it work as we go along.

Living differently doesn’t have to be all or nothing, leaping into poverty and uncertainty; you can have pockets of adventure and pockets of tranquility, whoever and wherever you are. It’s all about changing the way you think about things. That’s the hard bit. This blog will share our journeys to not very far away and not very adventurous places and also charted our part-time move in 2015 to the Algarve in Portugal and our subsequent move north to Central Portugal in 2017 where we try to live mostly outdoors and grow our own food. Mostly written by Sarah, we talk about travel, simple living, gardening, food, cycling and biscuits.

You can spend a lifetime waiting for the Right Time to change your life; when you’re older/richer/mortgage-free. Maybe the Right Time is whenever you decide it to be. This is our Right Time. Even if it turns out that it wasn’t; we’re doing it anyway. If you’re not sure if it’s your Right Time, imagine that your 10 years older than now self is looking back on what you’ve done with the next 10 years. If that self is calling you a stupid bastard; it’s time to do something different. Now. Or pretty soon anyway.

Who We Are

We are Sarah and Keith.

We lived in a tiny cottage in the Algarve hills with only geckos, chameleons and each other for company for 2 years, the we decided that:

  1. It was too hot in the summer for an approaching menopausal woman.
  2. We didn’t have enough land to do daft projects on.
  3. We needed to get lots of land to do daft projects on soon before we get too old to manage it all.
  4. We wanted to have a house that might offer us some income potential.
  5. We found a house with our own river. Sold!

We travel mostly around Europe here and there. We also do the odd long distance cycle tour. We don’t go much further afield because we’re not very brave and we feel there is plenty to amuse us on our doorstep.

For the first 10 years of our relationship we spent significant periods apart due to work and family commitments and despite achieving a comfortable income and a lovely home, felt increasingly pissed off, (and guilty for being so ungrateful). We always had plans to travel and live overseas but the goalposts kept moving and that time seemed a long time in the future. In 2014, after 27 years of parenting and a finally empty nest, Sarah was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease which may mean a shorter than expected life span and/or early poor health. Coincidentally, within the same month Keith was offered voluntary redundancy from the job he’d had for 23 years. These two factors combined made us re-evaluate what really mattered, and we discovered that what really mattered wasn’t money or security; it was time. And we didn’t know how much of that we had so we made the leap.

Sarah continues to run her business, Hendrickx Associates as an autism specialist, trainer and author of six books on autism remotely and with increasingly infrequent trips back to the UK. She is also a sometime stand-up comedian, magazine writer, restaurant reviewer and web travel content writer for people like Mediterranean Gardening and Outdoor Living and Standard Issue.

We both also have Asperger syndrome, a condition on the Autism Spectrum. This brings both liberation from social expectations, a desire to live in remote places and in unconventional ways, and challenges far more significant than this blog will convey.

We hope that you’ll enjoy sharing our adventures, mishaps and thoughts along the way and maybe it will inspire you to head off on your own journey. We look forward to meeting you.

If you want to find a way, you’ll find a way.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sarah & Keith

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Good for you! Just stumbled across your blog and it’s incredible that you have made your “Right time” now 🙂 Heres cheers to your both and have fun living the way you want to!

  2. Wow, you two are awesome. 🙂 and I think quite courageous!

    I am now doing workaway, perhaps useful for you as hosts, as a way to get help and build community? (workaway.info)

    I have also been in computer work (far too long for me) and looking for ways to live my European adventure dreams.

    • Hi, We’ve done a little with Workaway and plan to do more – to help, but also to learn what grows in this new climate we find ourselves in (it’s not much like England!). Great blog. Mindfullness is on my list, but keep failing to get on to it – that statement in itself speaks volumes, I know! Good luck with your own adventures.

  3. I keep meaning to procrastinate, and doing it quite well 🙂 Just ask your inner caveperson.

    New post today :-), having fun, hope you as well!


  4. Hi, I’ve just spent a very pleasant hour sat on my arse reading your St Malo-Santander blog as I’m thinking of doing it next year (the trip that is). Thanks for sharing it, entertaining and informative. Ta, Dave

    • Hi Dave,

      Do it! Or have you done it already? Sorry I failed to see comment as haven’t been blogging for a while. Let me know how you get on and any tips. I’ve done the trip twice now (Caen-Barcelona solo first time). Padded shorts and chamois cream is all.

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Looking forward to reading your blog.laurence

    • Thanks, Laurence. I have failed to write anything new for a while. Have now moved to a new house so will pick it back up.

  6. Love reading your blog about life in Portugal, your travels and tips! Keep up the good work and best of luck. Look forward to the next instalment.

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